Rotary Tiller

Minos Rotary Tiller is a secondary tillage tool used in preparing seed-beds, stubble-ploughing in especially farms, vineyards and gardens. It is also a multi-purposed and long lasting environment-friendly machine that helps with the increase of the humus content of the soil by incorporating the plant residues and organic fertilizer into the soil and it does not make it a necessity to fight with the chemical weeds.
The fact that the motion coming from the power-take-off shaft is transferred to the blades through the gear system makes savings on power and fuel in proportion to the chain system. The milling cutter blades shreds, mixes and crumbles the soil by operating vertically on the surface of the soil. It provides the water-air balance of the soil by making it loose.
Thanks to the protection cover made from sheet iron, it makes it possible for the soil that springs to be shredded and prevents it from harming the surroundings.
The machine shafts have a safety arrangement and they prevent the tractor or the machine from being damaged in the event that stones or roots get caught in them.
With the option of the variable-speed shaft and a 540 rpm, the motion obtained from the power-take-off shaft makes it possible through the detachable gears in the transmission to use the rotational speed of the blades differently; in this way, an effective shredding and mixing operation is provided.
The transmission is located in the middle. (There are the alternatives such as Optional, semi-eccentric and eccentric transmission for the easy-to-use usage in the vineyards and gardens)