Mechanical Side Shifting Rotary Tiller

Minos Mechanical Side Shifting rotary tiller which is powered by the tractor power-take-off shaft and is easily attached to the three-point hitch is a multi-purposed machine that facilitates your works such as preparing the seedling seed-beds, hoeing and the incorporation of organic materials into the soil and aeration of the and as well as preparing seed-beds and stubble-ploughing soil in vineyards and orchards.
By the sliding the transmission mechanically it comes much closer to the depths of vine stocks and trees and shreds, mixes and swells the soil well enough.
The protection cover which is made from sheet iron ensures that the soil that springs are re-shredded prevents it from harming the surroundings.
The transfer of the motion coming from the power-take-off to the blades is made possible with the gear system; in this way, it makes a savings on the power and the fuel in proportion to the chain system.
The machine shafts have a safety arrangement and they prevent the tractor or the machine from being damaged in the event that stones or roots get caught in them.