Super Cultivator (with Roller)

Minos is an expert foundation on soil cultivation and seed bad preparation. Minos provides modern equipment, more than 40 types, to the services of our farmers for the soil cultivation. All these equipment is carried out as per the main criteria of Minos. Quality, Long Life and Nature-Friendly. In parallel with the technological developments in preparation of seed bad, Minos has developed super spring cultivator and rotary hallow combination.

HYDRAULIC FOLDABLE PARTS: There are hydraulic cylinders to carry bigger equipment wider than 3-meter and to provide opening while operating. So, seed bad combinations can be transported easily in folded position in narrow streets.

USAGE AIMS: In this stage, these processes can be performed: preparation of seed bad, smoothing the field surface, mixing the fertilizer to soil, stubble processing, weeding processing. The string feet are treated in heat process and made of steel. So, it has vibration feature in various working conditions.

WORKING SPEED: The suggested working speed for super string cultivator and rotary harrow combination is 12 km/h in sandy and light soils.