Considering the agricultural needs of our country, after more than 58 years spent in the sector of agricultural machines, Minos Agricultural Machinery has put the baler into service with the quality, privilege, guarantee and assurance of Minos, which are designed to have strong and reliable structures, be easy to use and eco-friendly machines.
Minos Baler which is driven by the power take-off and attached to the tractor through a drawbar is an ideal machine designed to minimize the need for tractor power in order to collect the straws and hays left on the field following the harvesting of plants such as wheat, barley, oat, rye, vetch, sainfoin, clover, corn and etc and to press them either as straws or as hays and bale them. 
The quality of the material used in the machine was tested in accordance with the field conditions and deemed to be proper for the land structure of our country.
This machine has a more silent, vibration-less and faster running in comparison with the other machines in the same category. The width of its collector is 146-165 cm and he height thereof is hydraulically adjustable by the driver. This way, it can collect the straws at different heights left at the end of the harvest. 
With its unique design, its chopping unit system operates very efficiently. Its solid structure minimizes the damage caused by the stones and other objects getting stuck in the machine.  
The fan which is located in the binding part prevents the dust gathering and ensures that the binding group runs without any problem. 
The illumination lamp at the back side of the machine has a positive impact on operating the machine at nights. 
The types of the baler we manufacture and put into service are as follows: 3 twines baler with a large rake and chopping unit, 3 twines baler with chopping unit, 3 twines baler without chopping unit and 2 twines baler without chopping unit.